Cold Heading, Bedding & Seating,
Galvanised and Engineering wire

Caparo Wire is the premium UK manufacturer of specialist wires. Our reputation for high quality product is a testament to our ability to work easily with our customers.

Exporting wire products


With an annual capacity of 75,000 
per annum, our steel wire products are
exported throughout Europe and all
around the world.


Cold Heading Wires for fasteners, in particular the construction and automotive sectors.

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Ideal for springs in pocket, LFK, Bonnell, Infinity and Miracoil mattresses as well as edging.


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For springs, Mandrel wires (blind rivets), Control Cables, Spoke Wires, Fencing, Baling Wire...

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UK manufacturer & supplier of steel wire

Caparo Wire specialises in the manufacture of high quality Cold Heading, Bedding and Seating, Galvanised and Engineering steel wire. We are able to supply these products produced on our Bullblock, Multiholer, Rotodie and Galvanising machines that are located in our Wrexham Plants, but we can also offer Cut & Loop, Straightening and Mesh Making facilities from the West Bromwich facilities. Our product can be used in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Pocket, Bonnell, LFK and edging wires for Bedding and Seating.
  • Special fasteners, screws, structural bolts, rivets and other Cold Formed products.
  • Mechanical & high tensile spring wire, fencing and plating applications.
  • Galvanising and baling manufacture of springs, blind rivets, control cables, wheel spokes and chains.

Caparo Wire’s mission is to be the leading European Wire supplier by providing the best quality and service with value for money. An annual capacity of 75,000 tonnes per annum, our steel wire products are exported throughout Europe and all around the world.